Bridge Construction Set

Bridge Construction Set

Design and build bridges with Bridge Construction Set
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If you are a fan of simulation games and like to construct things, this game will catch all of your attention. Bridge Construction Set is a wonderful game in which you design and build bridges and see if they are well built or not. Half the fun remains in watching the bridges plum into the water if the test is not passed. In this entertaining game you will first see where you have to set a bridge and then select Edit to really construct it. Once you have done this, press Simulate and automatically you see the bridge, if it is ok, you can test it, so cars or trains pass through the bridge. If they do not fall into the water, you have succeeded! But, on the other hand, if it is not correctly built, automatically the bridge falls or when you run the test, trains and cars along with the bridge fall. You can select the view angle, the colors, add shadows or make the bridge reflect onto the water stream running below; and more. Be careful, there is a budget for the construction, if you spend more money than you are given, you can not finish the bridge and this is a clear tip that you are not doing things correctly. When the bridge is built and tested you can move on to the next level. Fun is unlimited.

Juan Morán
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  • 3D simulation, fun and entertaining, wide range of options


  • The scenario does not look real at all, the view is not 360º, selection of colors and other options are much limited
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